Jun 29

Healthy Living Support Group by Willandra!

daADHappy New year to all of you! Sure 2015 can be full of up’s and down’s, try and try again, fail and gain, success and surprises, questions and answers and maybe just like that and mega amounts of new, exciting research and knowledge that will change our life’s for the best!
“How can you have a beautiful ending without making beautiful mistakes?”

Don’t know about you, but New Year Resolutions in my point of view is just too much pressure and is a recipe for failure and it is so, every year and everybody, so 1-for-all-kind-of-thing. So clich©! Why do you have to be all perfect and change on the 1st of Jan. and speed off to do everything by the book and like everybody else around you? Every day the sun comes up is a new day and can be a new beginning for you… date is just a formality/nr. Something you have never done and now you want to start in a rush to do it all of a sudden!!!

Go and sit still and think who you are, who are you genetically, what you can do to find yourself, make yourself happy, feel comfortable in your body and skin, how can I change my lifestyle here and there in total, think about: “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT€, little things to change… set goals(totally you and reasonable… we are not all people who can do it now and 110% every day)but all with a plan, uniquely for yourself and step by step and gain knowledge to keep you strong and not to push you in an over tired panic and let you jump on the looser wagon before the end of Jan. and then leave you all stressed, guilty and see yourself as a failure AGAIN and still very unhappy.

One thing for sure… 2014 was full of new research and 2015 is going to have more… make sure you stay in touch with the evolution around personal healthcare and natural ways and chemicals. You could decide to be in control of your own health and do not allow Dr.’s decide for you and make random diagnosis. Think about health like all the newest technology. Do you remember the old Walkman’s with the cassette in a belt around our arm or waist when we used to run for hours? It is all old news… so is many medicine, research, sport and health care ways old news. I believe we tried too long to push the cave-us-people into this chaotic lifestyle that is not a fit for our genetics and what we are made for. It just make sense to me.

“I want to be the best version of myself… HAPPY, HEALTHY, FIT, STRONG, ATTRACTIVE, SMART!”

The Best Me?

– Eat according to my ImuPro results, cause what I put in my body forms the foundation for my moods, my energy, my creativity and vitality! That I live for the last 1 year and 3months! Ext.

– Sleep well. 8-9 and half hours in pitch black room. Ext.

-Train hard for short periods per day. According to the newest research exp. HIIT ext. Little some days, lot other days, occasionally or none at all some days… I do not beat myself up… go with the flow of my life, my body, hormones, time and or family/friends.

– De-clutter my environment, my social life, my paperwork and my thoughts. Too much… clutter our thoughts and let us lose track of what is really important and what really matters, I came to understand. Little is more!

– Eat and clean myself/house, clean. No preservatives, no additives, no chemicals (not there yet like I want it, step by step)) and no sugar cane/hidden sugars, gluten.

– Keep diary of my own hormones during the month and do not let it define me any more… keep those manic/depressed monsters in the box. Do Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping).

– Try to think positive and smile and sharing with other friends and gain information from all lovely people that cross my roads daily.

NOT BECAUSE I MUST… Because I want to. Because that is ME… The BEST ME!

I would like to invite you and your friends to our support group meeting on the Monday, 12th of Jan. 2015!!! 4-6pm at Andulus Village, Activity Room, Arabian Homes, Jeddah. Remember to confirm and send me your names for the security gate a day before. I will let you know the lay out and subjects during the week. Please prepare some information you can share with the group?

Jul 30

Avoid those Chronic Diseases that Comes with Obesity by simply Shedding Weight through adipex weight loss pills

Obesity is mostly due to poor diet regime and eating habits. The consumption of greasy, fried, fatty, junk foods as well as other unhealthy meals will just result to obesity. Unfortunately, obese kids are rising in numbers nowadays. There are also certain diseases associated with obesity. These include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and also other breathing problems. So as to reduce, if not prevent, the debilitating impacts of obesity, you must adapt a healthy lifestyle today; this includes maintaining a healthy diet meals together with regular exercise and adipex weight loss pills.  Losing weight is all about doing what it takes to shed those excess weight. Like what’s mentioned a while ago, the combination of proper dieting and regular exercise should be applied and of course, utilizing the right diet pills to help keep you going. It’s true that adipex weight loss pills (here is more info)are prevalent in the marketplace. Well, there are some that are truly effective but there are also those that are just a complete waste of cash. So it is relatively important to choose carefully the right diet pills for you to use. Conveniently, a professional can inform you which one is safe to use. You can make an appointment with your doctor or nutritionist and ask them what precisely adipex weight loss pills they suggest for you. These experts are proficient in their field; sure enough they could offer you expert tips and recommend which diet pills will bring wonders to you. After you have consulted those medical experts, it’s also your work as a buyer to read the product labels for further information. To be aware of the substances or chemicals that are in those adipex weight loss pills, you need to check out the label. Nonetheless, to prevent yourself from any achievable side effects, it’s recommended that you take those natural adipex weight loss pills which are proven safe and free from side effects.
You can also seek some helpful hints from certain friends and relatives that have knowledge about diet pills. Whatever they will show you, you will have no problems for they will certainly share what they have experienced. Choosing the best adipex weight loss pills will assist you reach your goal very quickly. With the right adipex weight loss pills, having the best body you have been wanting for so long will be simple if coupled with a healthy diet and frequent exercise. 


Jun 29

Find the Best Cardiologist in Delhi NCR for Your Loved Ones

When we were kids, we go to the doctor that we liked the most and our likes and dislikes depended on several things like the behavior, education, cleanliness and many more. No matter that you are a big guy or a small kid, all the aforementioned things do matter and if they are not present at the nursing home, you will not feel comfortable there. Well, there are several cardiologists in Delhi and NCR but only few of them have good reputation among the people. And, you have to choose the cardiologist who is known as the right person to opt for getting the best diagnosis and cure. All the best cardiologists in Delhi NCR will have the maximum facilities for you so that not a single problem can create any sort of issue.
You need to act wisely for selecting a right doctor who can resolve your most of the problems. Use all your experience to complete your searching with perfection and if you do not have any idea then you can get the assistance of some of your friends, relative or known. There are several other things that you have to consider and we are going to discuss about it further.

The Experience

If the cardiologist has huge experience in the same field then it is for sure that you will get the best treatment without any sort of complications. Plus, the cardiologist must have done several successful operations and then he will be able to resolve any serious problem. Their big experience does not let them to make any mistake and you will get the best treatment that will let you live your life like you did before. Know the easiest way to find the best cardiologist of Delhi or NCR, go to the best cardiac hospital in Delhi where a long list of doctors are waiting for your assistance. You should check their education as well and they must be highly educated from the reputed and reliable institute or college. The expert must have degree of M.B.B.S. and M.D. and then he can understand all the details of the sick person.

The Referral

It will be good for you to choose the cardiologist or cardiac hospital of Delhi and NCR with the help of some of your friend, relative, colleague or known that is very good for you. In this manner, you will have all the information about the place as your friends have gone there and they will tell you the entire info about the hospital. You should meet with several doctors and then opt for the one who is the best and suits your most of the terms. Apart from this, the behavior of the staff along with the cardiologist must be good with you and if they are not treating you properly, you are in trouble as you can never tell your entire problem to them. Plus, you are asked a reasonable amount for the treatment so that you may save some of your money and can use the same for doing some other work.

Jun 29

5 Facts About Osteopathic Manipulation and Piriformis Syndrome

After being diagnosed with piriformis syndrome, it is important that the patient educate himself or herself regarding their condition and treatment options. Typically, physicians will recommend rest from any activities which may be causing the inflammation of the sciatic nerve and will initiate gentle osteopathic manipulation or physical therapy to treat the condition. Here are five facts about piriformis and the treatment options for this syndrome.

1. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often used in conjunction with manual therapies, stretching, and strength-building exercises. A physical therapist is often beneficial because they can instruct you on the proper movement patterns and exercises, and offer guidance in learning to stretch safely and properly. They may use a variety of methods to treat your condition, including ultrasound, heat applied to the buttocks and lower back, massage, or gentle exercise. You can also expect your therapist to provide you with an exercise routine to perform at home daily in order to alleviate your symptoms.

2. Sitting Can Make Symptoms Worse

If you work in a job that requires you to sit for long periods of time, this working environment may worsen your symptoms. For instance, if you work in an office environment, it is important that you get up to walk around to maintain blood flow and range of motion every 15 to 20 minutes. Or, if you frequently drive long distances, you may need to make frequent stops to stand up and stretch out the hip joint.

3. Surgery Interventions May Be Prescribed

Your physicians may also prescribe a surgical procedure known as a piriformis tendon release and sciatic neurolysis. This procedure has been shown to have good or excellent results in the majority of clinical trials. Often, this is only prescribed as a last result when other treatments have proven unsuccessful or when symptoms have been recurring for longer than a few months.

4. Local Injections Are the Most Common Option

One of the most commonly prescribed treatments available is the local injection of an anesthetic such as lidocaine. The doctor will palpitate the buttocks and then use a needle to inject through the sciatic notch, or for a less invasive procedure, an ultrasound, MRI, or CAT scan guided injection can ensure that the anesthetic reaches the trigger point within the piriformis muscle.

5. Osteopathic Manipulation

Often, an osteopathic specialist can use manual manipulation in order to alleviate some of the inflammation and symptoms. Mobilization of the spine is one common method whereby the patient lies down on their unaffected side. The doctor then faces the patient and rotates their upper body and lower body in opposite directions and then massages the paravertebral muscles. As the symptoms begin to alleviate more aggressive manipulation methods may be taken to further stretch the muscle and relieve tension on the sciatic nerve.

Jun 29

Best Treatment for Pelvic Floor Ailments

Urinary incontinence is one of the common ailments related to females. Many women hide these issues but suffering in silence would not do any good. These issues should be addressed as soon as the symptoms of this ailment are perceived. Many women also have issues relating to pelvic floor. MEDIballs is one of the best health treatment options in Australia for issues relating to these. They have claimed to know the secrets of treating this ailment. This is an Australian owned health advisory company under the name Health Australia Pty Ltd. They have introduced an innovative product to strengthen the pelvic muscles. The treatment is beneficial for women of all ages. MEDIballs has developed two health beneficial products, the special Double Balls and Single Balls. These products are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods number 216875 as a Class 1 Medical Device. These health products are proved to be successful in curing many internal health problems in women concerning pregnancy, urinal problem, uterus and so on.

The MEDIballs are recommended for prevention and treatment of stress incontinence. These are innovative technologies are invented after extensive research. They have treatment excellence such as strengthening the vaginal muscles prior to pregnancy. These accessories are worn to protect and strengthen the pelvic muscles. To prevent Pelvic Floor problems, postnatal exercises following pregnancy are very effective. The treatment also helps to prevent sexual dysfunction. These symptoms can be cured using these techniques. Toning is also a good advantage of this treatment. The pelvic muscles can be toned to prevent these symptoms using these techniques and health care devices. The technology is proven effective to treat these ailments. Women with problems of pelvic muscles, postnatal pregnancy problems can be cured effectively.

The use of these health accessories is easy. They are designed to have minimum sensation. The patented loop for removal is discretely worn inside the body. These can be worn without any notice from others while it cures the internal pelvic floor problems. While wearing these equipments, there is no worry to be noticed by others. The vibration is gentle and quiet, since it uses advanced technology and medical care therapies. This technology helps to tone the pelvic muscles and makes them stronger. These are manufactured in Germany following extensive and strict manufacturing codes and standards. These devices are recommended as specific medical accessories. They helps in exercising the muscles as you perform your daily activities and works. The pelvic muscles support the bladder, uterus and intestines. Stronger muscles help to keep the organs in correct position. A weak floor of pelvis can lead to urinary incontinence. It can affect women of all ages with moderate to severe intensity. The inventor of the MEDIBall technology, Health Australia Pty Ltd, is a Bronze sponsor of the Continence Foundation of Australia Conference 2014.

Jun 29

Stress Incontinence and Its Symptoms

The International Continence Society has defined urinary continence as a condition in which involuntary loss of urine is a social or hygienic problem and is objectively demonstrable. This problem is caused when the pelvic floor losses its strength due to post pregnancy stress in women. The pelvic floor muscles hold urine and control urination. In normal condition, the pelvic floor is strong enough to be controlled by the nervous system. However, after childbirth, many women suffer from low muscular strength and the urinary tract becomes lose. In many cases women loses the urge to urinate and respond to the force. This is a common symptom of stress incontinence. It is the most common type of incontinence problems. It occurs due to the weakening of sphincter pelvic muscles. These are the muscles that support the bladder and the urethra. As the muscles cannot strain, the sphincter fails to prevent urine from flowing when and pressure is placed in the abdomen. Such pressure can be created even by cough or sneeze. Even during, constipation, lifting objects and other activities urine may pass involuntarily.

Urinary incontinence is a physical problem and modern techniques and prescribed exercise can treat it. The MEDIballs secret is such a new technique that can treat this problem effectively. Sometimes, this problem turns into other symptoms.Stress Incontinence is the psychological problem caused by the social withdrawal of a patient suffering from this condition. It results in lower quality of life and metal stress conditions. It causes withdrawal from social situations. The symptoms of SUI occur due to nerve injury during delivery. It also occurs due to incomplete pudendal nerve regeneration after childbirth and loss of muscular support of the urethra and the bladder. It also occurs due to ligamentous and fascial support. The Pudendal nerve is a sensory, autonomic, motor nerve that carries signals to and from the genital, anal and urethra areas. Stress Urinary incontinence occurs when the anatomic and functional integrity of the urethral sphincter cannot resist any intra-abdominal pressure.

The global medical society has carried out a number of experiments involving weighted vagina balls to treat the problem. According to a research, âEURoeThe reduction of urinary leakage after four months of exercise in the training group with vaginal balls was significantly better than the results in the group training with pelvic floor muscles exercises alone. The study found weighted balls to be a good alternative for training pelvic floor muscles in women with Stress Urinary Incontinence Treating the ProblemâEUR

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